PROTEA was born by everyday issues and tackles all the problems with humility and relying on certain sciences.

Why PROTEA was born (1995)

At the time, the founder of PROTEA, Engineer Arnaboldi was looking for definitive solutions to some small home problems: the smell coming out from the domestic sewage and the typical cellar moulds.

The path (1995-1998)

Thus he began a research and study aimed at identifying “nell’ozonizzazione” the answer to these small problems of unhealthiness. The yardsticks that led him to choose this path were manifold: the effectiveness detected, the ease of use, environmental friendliness and safety (ozone does not release harmful chemical residues to humans and the environment) . Also significant was the vast literature attesting to the positive results obtained from the use of this gas in many areas and fields of application.

…a good collaboration (1998-2004)

Once this phase of tests and trials ended, our journey continued with the collaboration of some of the greatest experts in the chemical-biological sector, as well as in the technical research of advanced components for the European market.

Protea finally came alive, Promotion of Environmental Technologies (2004)

The Company’s Mission is still today to offer SOLUTIONS WITH OZONE: cutting-edge, specific, simple, durable and safe.

From 2005 until now

PROTEA supplies professional systems designed specifically for the most varied fields, always with a precise goal: give solutions. PROTEA boasts one of the largest and specific catalogue for every field and request. Part of this catalogue can be found on this website but do not forget that the strong point of PROTEA is the realization of custom systems on the basis of the needs and requests of the Customer. For this reason, please contact our offices if the desired solution is not identified on this website

At this point, we can only wish you a nice web surfing!