Protea is proud of its extensive experience in the nautical industry and of its list of references which includes the most important Italian and International Shipyards.

The success of Protea comes from a deep knowledge of the boats and of the onboard problems and from constant technical and experimental research in order to create systems that are suitable, efficient, easy to install and compatible with the technical realities of the boats.

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The indoor air pollution is a major problem and one of the factors which affects this quality is the presence of people (emission of carbon dioxide, scaling, etc .).

In particular, hospitals, surgeries, clinics and waiting rooms are places where airborne germs, such as through sneezing and coughing, can come into contact with patients and cause serious health problems.

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Hospitals and health services, in particular ambulances and special vehicles, represent the greatest risk of pollution and contamination of all the environment categories recognized.

For this reason, Protea has developed a line of easily installable systems in order to solve these problems of unhealthiness and for the safety of operators.

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Ozone is able to extend the shelf-life of food by reducing the surface microbial load and especially by blocking the formation of ethylene, a hormone considered responsible for ripening.

Moreover, the treatment of the air with ozone for the preservation of food prevents the transfer of odors from packaging materials to foodstuffs and eliminates bacteria contamination.

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Solutions with Ozone applied to agriculture exceed all expectations in terms of savings, reduction of losses of crops, improvement of the product quality, increase of the shelf-life of vegetables, flowers and plants.

Maintaining a high level of quality of soils without the addition of chemicals and preventing contamination by pathogens, bacteria, viruses, parasites, insects, etc. from plant to plant, together with the use of suitable ozonizing systems (gaseous state or ozonated water) guarantee sensational benefits at every stage of cultivation; including the phases of storage, processing and packaging.

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Ozonizers for WINERIES

In the viticultural and oenologic sector, there are several polluting microorganisms (bacteria and yeasts) that can significantly affect the finished product and favor the occurrence of strange odors in the areas of wine storage.

In this regard, Protea realizes specific plants for the wine sector and customized according to the Customer’s needs and with the utmost care to preserve the quality of the wine: chemical residues, in fact, even in micro quantities can alter the wine quality.

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Ozone has an important role in the sanitization and sterilization process environments and aging of dairy products, plants for packaging and preparation of milk and cheese, as well as for the sanitation of the preserving water for mozzarella and other types of cheese in dairies.

Thanks to its oxidizing power, ozone permanently destroys germs, mites, organic micro-organisms, and molds (whose formation is favored by wet processing environments) without leaving any odor or toxic residue inside the aging rooms.

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Ozonizers for HOME AND OFFICES

The house is one of the places where we spend more time and it is therefore necessary that inside air is always healthy and disinfected.

In this regard, Protea offers a range of products able to solve problems of bad odors, bacteria, mites, unhealthiness in areas not accessible with normal cleaning, mold and moisture.

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