What it is and where it is

Ozone is a hyper-oxidant gas able to effectively eliminate odours and microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, moulds, spores, mites and so forth. It is a natural occurring element which can be found in the upper atmosphere or also near storms and waterfalls. Characterized by a particulargarlicflavour, Ozonehas a moleculeformed by threeatoms of Oxygen (O₃).

It is a highly unstable gas and for this reason it cannot be stored in tanks but it must be produced on site through specific generators called ozonizers.In the air, Ozone has a life span which can vary from half an hour to a few hours;
in the water, its life is even shorter.

Furthermore, the life span of Ozone changes on the basis of a series of factors such as temperature, humidity and the presence of organic substances which accelerate its decomposition.

Ifthereisplenty of oxidablesubstances in the treated area (odoursmolecules, bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.), the life of Ozonewill be muchshorter.

It is an organic product because it does not generate harmful by-products or chemical residues in the environment: once that its oxidising action is finished, it simply converts back to Oxygen (O₂).