Ozone solutions for Dairy Industries

Ozone has an important role in the sanitization and sterilization process environments and aging of dairy products, plants for packaging and preparation of milk and cheese, as well as for the sanitation of the preserving water for mozzarella and other types of cheese in dairies.

Thanks to its oxidizing power, ozone permanently destroys germs, mites, organic micro-organisms, and molds (whose formation is favored by wet processing environments) without leaving any odor or toxic residue inside the aging rooms.

Ozone is also useful to sanitize aging rooms from insects and parasites, and it is finally applied on the products themselves to combat harmful bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes and mites.

As regards to machine and tools, thanks to Ozone, you can save money both in terms of quantity of water used, avoiding a further rinsing phase, both in terms of use of chemical substances for sterilization.


Latest generation 220V ozonating system for high-level shock sanitation of different confined areas and rooms including: offices, hotel rooms, healthcare environments, processing/packaging rooms, ambulances, vehicles, etc. Elimination of bacterial load and odors in a simple and quick way.
Dimensions: 300x230x200 mm


Amb O3 Max

Modular 220V system designed for the food industry and, in particular, for areas such as cold storage rooms, processing and packing rooms, laboratories and the like. AMB O3 MAX is composed by a control module and a generation module (it is possible to have up to 4 generation modules for 1 control module).
Through the control module you can set the treatment timings within the 24 hours and the 7 days of the week. The generation modules, installed on the ceiling of the room, diffuse Ozone thanks to fans. Being a modular system, it is extremely versatile and easy to install and use.



Custom Cell Series

CUSTOM CELL is a line of products (220V) marked by Protea designed for the sanitation of the dairy industries. In addition to the sanitation of the cold room’s walls and surfaces, Ozone is able to eliminate ethylene (hormone held responsible for fruit and vegetables ripening) by lengthening foodstuff’s shelf-life. Moreover, Ozone avoids cross-contamination of bacteria/smells between among different types of foods and keeps parasites away by guaranteeing a high-quality maintenance of the products.


Custom Cell Mini (Ozone Kit)

Mini modular ozonizer designed by Protea for the sanitation of small environments such as cold storage rooms, small warehouses for the storage of foods, etc. Custom Cell Mini is composed by a control module and a generation module (Standard Kit). A unique control module is able to manage up to 4 generation modules (additional modules to be added to the Standard Kit).
The Ozone kit is supplied with everything you need for the installation (junction box, connection terminals, mounting brackets, fixing screws, etc.).



Manual backpack sprayer for ozonated water. Ozone is produced by a compact system installed on the body of the nebulizer and mixed inside the 12 liter tank. The ozonizer installed directly on the nebulizer guarantees always active water and avoids the natural decay of Ozone. The nebulizer is made with ozone-resistant materials (HD Polyethylene, FPM, Polypropylene, etc.) and is powered by a plug&play 18V lithium battery. Ozonated water is a highly sanitizing product useful for removing bacteria, mold, fungi, etc. both in the agricultural field and in the food industry (sanitization of surfaces, walls, worktops, cold rooms, etc.).



Puritas EOG Series

PURITAS EOG series is the new line of systems by Protea aimed at treating freshwater and producing ozonated water inside tanks. PURITAS EOG systems are equipped with a new technology Ozone generator which guarantees greater efficiency, reliability and ease of use and maintenance. The range of PURITAS EOG systems can treat from few liters of water up to 1,000 liters tank and more. Furthermore, PURITAS EOG series is widely customizable in terms of operating logic, configuration, addition of extras.



Puritas 2.0

PURITAS 2.0 is the most advanced system for both purifying water and enriching it with Ozone, making it useful for various purposes. In fact, ozonated water is an incredibly effective eco-friendly sanitizer with which it is possible to sanitize surfaces, worktops, fruit, vegetables, toys, clothing, utensils and much more. Using the PURITAS 2.0 system means effectively sanitizing in a natural way without the need for chemical detergents that are harmful to the environment and to people.
Dimensions: 367x277x89 mm



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