Ozonizers custom-made for you!

PROTEA is an Italian company which designs and realizes Ozone generators for the sanitation of air and water. The company began its path in the sanitation field in 2004 thanks to the collaboration with industry experts and to international research and immediately identified Ozone as the definite and innovative solution to the problems of unhealthiness.

Initially, PROTEA applied ozonation to Engineer Arnaboldi’s primary field: the Marine Industry. The deep knowledge of boats allowed PROTEA to identify the right solutions to many problems related to the life on board and to the use of water at risk of stagnation.

Thanks to the experience gained in this first phase with respect to Ozone and the sanityation processes, PROTEA dealt successfully with other important application fields such as automotive, ambulances and special vehicles, healthcare environments, campers, cold storage rooms and food processing. In addition, constant research and field testing have enabled the development of specific ozonizers for agriculture, dairy industry, oenology and animal husbandry. These systems, integrated to the production processes, help to improve the quality of the product and considerably reduce the losses in the production phase.

PROTEA’s Mission is to offer “Solutions with Ozone”. This purpose commits every day an office dedicated to R&D which assesses the needs of each Customer and determines the most appropriate solutions in order to create cutting edge, specific, simple, durable and safe systems. The internal design, the very large reference list and the added value given by the MADE IN ITALY confirm every day PROTEA’s technical, commercial and assistance leadership.