Ozone solutions for Agriculture and Breeding Farms

Solutions with Ozone applied to agriculture exceed all expectations in terms of savings, reduction of losses of crops, improvement of the product quality, increase of the shelf-life of vegetables, flowers and plants.

Maintaining a high level of quality of soils without the addition of chemicals and preventing contamination by pathogens, bacteria, viruses, parasites, insects, etc. from plant to plant, together with the use of suitable ozonizing systems (gaseous state or ozonated water) guarantee sensational benefits at every stage of cultivation; including the phases of storage, processing and packaging.

A dedicated office is able to identify the problems and the improvable stages of production, offering systems that are upgradeable over time with additional modules, based on future needs.

Puritas Pump Series

Line of wheeled systems for the production of large quantities of ozonated water without the need of a storage tank. This type of system is provided with a special pump which guarantees a high-performance mixing of Ozone and water. The ozonated water thus produced can be used for the irrigation of plants and vegetables in order to remove bacteria and fungal diseases and to reduce parasites and pest micro-organisms. In the zootechnical field, on the other hand, it can be used to wash plants, tools, hooves, udders and more: all in order to reduce bacterial and viral infections and improve the well-being of the animal.

Puritas Inj Series

Line of systems for the production of ozonated water thanks to a Venturi injector. The mixing between Ozone and water takes place within a storage tank. The mixing can be carried out directly within the tank of the agricultural vehicle used for spraying. In agriculture, ozonated water can be used effectively for the removal of bacteria and fungal diseases, for the removal of pests, but even for the washing of fruit and vegetables before the packaging phase.


Manual backpack sprayer for ozonated water. Ozone is produced by a compact system installed on the body of the nebulizer and mixed inside the 12 liter tank. The ozonizer installed directly on the nebulizer guarantees always active water and avoids the natural decay of Ozone. The nebulizer is made with ozone-resistant materials (HD Polyethylene, FPM, Polypropylene, etc.) and is powered by a plug&play 18V lithium battery. Ozonated water is a highly sanitizing product useful for removing bacteria, mold, fungi, etc. both in the agricultural field and in the food industry (sanitization of surfaces, walls, worktops, cold rooms, etc.).


Puritas EOG Series

PURITAS EOG series is the new line of systems by Protea aimed at treating freshwater and producing ozonated water inside tanks. PURITAS EOG systems are equipped with a new technology Ozone generator which guarantees greater efficiency, reliability and ease of use and maintenance. The range of PURITAS EOG systems can treat from few liters of water up to 1,000 liters tank and more. Furthermore, PURITAS EOG series is widely customizable in terms of operating logic, configuration, addition of extras.



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