Ozone solutions for the sanitation of ambulances and vehicles

Hospitals and health services, in particular ambulances and special vehicles, represent the greatest risk of pollution and contamination of all the environment categories recognized.

For this reason, Protea has developed a line of easily installable systems in order to solve these problems of unhealthiness and for the safety of operators. As a gas, ozone can settle in the most hidden parts.

This way it sanitizes even where normal cleaning does not arrive.
The systems intended for this particular and specific sector are fully automatic and, once positioned inside the vehicle and activated, produce a controlled amount of ozone, sufficient for the complete sanitation of the cabin.

After the cycle, the residual ozone comes back to its natural state (oxygen) leaving a healthy and decontaminated environment, safely and with respect of nature.
On the contrary, the spray cans normally used, in addition to the chemicals and the other pollutants they release, have longer times of use and higher costs.

Protea has also developed solutions for other types of vehicles such as camping vans, commercial vehicles, trucks and cars.

SaniOzon 500

Protea’s innovative system to be installed with 12V power supply for the treatment of special vehicles and ambulances: guarantee of sanitation without by-products.
Dimensions: 190x160x73 mm

SaniOzon 500 Ione

Protea’s system of the “Saniozon” product line with the adding of the ionizing power for the maintenance of a healthy environment on ambulances and special vehicles.
Dimensions: 190x160x73 mm

Puritas Mini

Protea’s compact system with 220V power supply (also available with 12VCC power supply) for the sanitization of drinkable water in tanks up to 500 liters, in order to ensure the water’s healthiness and potability. Easy to install and dimensioned for small and large boats, and campers.
Dimensions: 210x110x63 mm

Lab5 L

Ultimate ozonizing system at 220V for the high-level sanitation in sanitary rooms, ambulances and generic vehicles. Elimination of the bacterial load in a simple and quick manner.
Dimensions: 300x230x200 mm


Autoshock 1000 L

Protea’s system with 12V cigar lighter plug for shock treatments on cars and any type of vehicle, ideal for car fleets, special vehicles, mechanic’s workshops, carwashes, etc.
Dimensions: 250x200x130 mm


Protea’s ionizing and ozonizing system to be installed with 12V power supply. It can be easily integrated in the furniture of campers and it is designed to eliminate bad odours, moulds, mites, bacteria, viruses, etc. from the cabin.
Dimensions: 120x120x60 mm

Puritas Home

Practical and compact ozonator for sanitizing water and for the production of ozonated water to sanitize fruit, vegetables, tools, toys and much more.
Dimensions: 223×162.5×54.5 mm




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