Ozone solutions for sanitation of Cold Storage Rooms

Ozone is able to extend the shelf-life of food by reducing the surface microbial load and especially by blocking the formation of ethylene, a hormone considered responsible for ripening.

Moreover, the treatment of the air with ozone for the preservation of food prevents the transfer of odors from packaging materials to foodstuffs and eliminates bacteria contamination.

The benefits of the ozonizing systems made by Protea are:

1) Increase of the shelf-life of products;
2) Reduction of waste and wastefulness;
3) Elimination of odors;
4) Improvement of the quality of products;
5) Reduction of health risks.


Protea’s new ozonizing system with 220V power supply for the treatment of blast chillers and small cold storage rooms. This system guarantees a powerful abatement of the bacteria load, of smells and of other pollutants.
Dimensions: 190x110x60 mm

Custom Cell Series

CUSTOM CELL is a line of products (220V) marked by Protea designed for the sanitation of the cold storage rooms. In addition to the sanitation of the cold room’s walls and surfaces, Ozone is able to eliminate ethylene (hormone held responsible for fruit and vegetables ripening) by lengthening foodstuff’s shelf-life. Moreover, Ozone avoids cross-contamination of bacteria/smells between among different types of foods and keeps parasites away by guaranteeing a high-quality maintenance of the products.


Custom Cell Mini (Ozone Kit)

Mini modular ozonizer designed by Protea for the sanitation of small environments such as cold storage rooms, small warehouses for the storage of foods, etc. Custom Cell Mini is composed by a control module and a generation module (Standard Kit). A unique control module is able to manage up to 4 generation modules (additional modules to be added to the Standard Kit).
The Ozone kit is supplied with everything you need for the installation (junction box, connection terminals, mounting brackets, fixing screws, etc.).


Amb O3 Max

Modular 220V system designed for the food industry and, in particular, for areas such as cold storage rooms, processing and packing rooms, laboratories and the like. AMB O3 MAX is composed by a control module and a generation module (it is possible to have up to 4 generation modules for 1 control module).
Through the control module you can set the treatment timings within the 24 hours and the 7 days of the week. The generation modules, installed on the ceiling of the room, diffuse Ozone thanks to fans. Being a modular system, it is extremely versatile and easy to install and use.



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