New Website Dedicated to Saniozon 500 – Disinfection of Ambulances

New Website Dedicated to Saniozon 500 – Disinfection of Ambulances

Saniozon 500 is aimed at manufacturers, technicians, arrangers but also to final users of ambulances and special vehicles. The system can be easily installed both on new and circulating vehicles. It boasts an extremely simple operation in order to be used by everyone in complete safety.

The advantages of Saniozon copared to the commonly used methods (ex. spray cans) are numerous:

  • Ozone is one of the most powerful natural disinfectant, much more effective and rapid than Chlorine and its derivates;
  • Thanks to its quick action, it guarantees a fast and deep sanitation > duration of the treatment approximately 20-30 minutes;
  • Ozone arrives everywhere air arrives, so even in the areas which are hard to reach with ordinary cleaning;
  • Ozone is a wide spectrum disinfectant (it eliminates every kind of bacteria, virus, microorganism, mould, spore, etc.) that does not release any chemicals following its treatment > safety for the entire staff and patients;
  • Ozone is produced through specific generators and it is not storable in tanks. This is the reason why Saniozon does not need recharges or spare parts.
  • The sanitizing tratment with Ozone can be carried out whenever no matter where the vehicle is (but nobody can stay within the sanitary compartment during ozonation) – there is no need to bring the vehicle back to the operational base.

We invite you to visit the site or in order to gather all the information concerning the systems Saniozon 500 and Saniozon 500 Ione.


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