Ozone sanitation with SANIOZON 500

Ozone sanitation with SANIOZON 500

Hospitals and healthcare environments, and in particular ambulances and special vehicles for the transport of people represent the greatest risk of pollution and infection among all the environmental categories.

Inside the sanitary compartment of the ambulances, as it is a space with small dimensions, the saturation of harmful agents in the air is faster and of greater coverage. Some of the typical problems found on this type of vehicle are:
– Danger of contagion for doctors and staff on board;
– Air transmission of infectious diseases to the patients in emergency;
– Risk of infection through walls or equipment not properly sterilized;
– Proliferation of odours and viral bacterial colonies (from outside).

Now more than ever, after the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic, sanitizing ambulances and rescue vehicles is a fundamental operation for both transporters and passengers.

Sanitation on the ambulances generally takes place through spray cans containing disinfectants such as quaternary ammonium salts, phenols and chlorides, or through the use of sodium hypochlorite solutions. The above methods involve a number of disadvantages including:
– High cost due to the frequent purchase of refills;
– They release harmful chemical residues for the staff, the patients and whoever has to remain inside the sanitary compartment;
– It is necessary to stop the vehicle at the operating station and one or more employees are required to perform this kind of sanitation;
– Their efficacy is only partial as the disinfection arrives only where the spray or the mechanical cleansing of the employee gets.

The valuable alternative is represented by Ozone, a naturally occurring gas with high oxidizing power which have been used for many years as a disinfectant and sterilant in many industries, including hospitals and healthcare environments.

Ozone does not need refills nor maintenance as it has to be produced on site. Being a gas, Ozone is able to arrive everywhere disinfecting even the areas which are normally inaccessible by conventional cleaning (drawers, recesses, corners and so forth): anywhere cleansing does not arrive, Ozone acts effectively. Finally, once its disinfectant action is finished, Ozone converts back into Oxygen without releasing by-products into the environment.


In light of the above, Protea offers a line of Ozone generators to disinfect ambulances, special vehicles and healthcare environments, even when the vehicle is located away from the operating station. The systems designed for this specific field are automatic and, once positioned inside the vehicle and activated, are capable of producing a controlled amount of Ozone for the complete disinfection of the room.

Protea offers a range of fixed or portable products ideal for ambulances, special vehicles, car parks, public means of transport, clinics, etc. The flagship of installation systems for the Automotive field is undoubtedly SANIOZON 500 system.

Protea worked for a long time to create a system that could allow to carry out a rapid and effective sanitation of the emergency vehicles. A system that could allowed operators to carry out the sanitization wherever they wanted (not necessarily at the base) without the need to wait for long periods before returning on the vehicle.

SANIOZON 500 is the realization of these objectives: a 12V system to be installed in the sanitary compartment of ambulances and special vehicles which guarantees a very simple use by any employee and a high level sanitation in a short time.


SANIOZON 500 is characterized by an extremely simple installation: it involves making a hole on the ceiling of the vehicle (within the sanitary compartment), connecting the system to the 12V power supply (direct current) and fixing it with screws on the holes of its flange.

The system, whose operation is simple and intuitive, is accompanied by the procedures recommended by Protea to carry out an effective and safe sanitization. Since Ozone is an unstable gas and can be influenced by many variables, it should be used with care: this is why Protea is always available to offer support regarding the system as well as the general procedures for sanitizing with Ozone.

In addition to the above mentioned standard lines, PROTEA is able to realize custom systems (fixed or portable) which are studied and designed for specific situations and problems. For any question or concern, please contact PROTEA by email: info@proteasrl.com. Or by telephone: 0584 361274.



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