New OZOSPRAY 2024: the only backpack sprayer with integrated ozonizer

New OZOSPRAY 2024: the only backpack sprayer with integrated ozonizer

New for 2024 is the new OZOSPRAY model: backpack sprayer with latest generation technology for the production of ozonated water and powered by lithium batteries for greater autonomy and better performance.

At present, products to combat fungal diseases and eradicate parasites in the agricultural field are less and less effective: either because the products previously used are now prohibited or because the percentage allowed for use is not capable of having satisfactory results . Ozonated water for agricultural use represents a solution to this problem as it is an eco-friendly product (natural and does not release harmful residues into the environment) and extremely effective against mold and fungal diseases. At the same time, the mixture of water and ozone in agriculture is able to reduce the presence of pests such as aphids, cochineal, arachnids (e.g. red spiders), etc. and to oxygenate the soil, promoting more luxuriant growth of the plant and greater resistance to external attacks.

In short, the major upgrades of the OZOSPRAY backpack sprayer:

  • Perfect concentration of Ozone in water – the immersible generator of the OZOSPRAY system allows you to always have the right concentration of Ozone for agricultural use, guaranteeing a treatment with maximum effectiveness.
  • Longer life of ozonated water – thanks to the new technology, Ozone and water are fixed together in a more lasting way, which allows the right concentrations to be maintained for longer.
  • Removable battery power supply – OZOSPRAY is powered by a removable 18V lithium battery. A support for an additional battery has also been installed: when the first battery is empty, it is possible to replace it in a few seconds with the charged one.
  • Compact system – the new OZOSPRAY model has a more compact appearance and reduced weight (approximately 5 kg empty and 16 kg full) which make it easier to manage and transport than previous models. The materials of the Volpi pump that we have chosen are all compatible with Ozone because this manual sprayer pump was specifically designed for the most aggressive chemical products. The compactness of the system and its simple operation make it very versatile and can also be used for other applications in the food industry (sanitization of surfaces, containers, machinery, stables, food products such as fruit and vegetables, etc.).

The high oxidizing power of ozonated water guarantees numerous advantages including:

Drastic reduction of fungal diseases thanks to Ozone (e.g. Downy Mildew and Powdery Mildew)
Sanitization of the soil
– Possibility of applying Ozone in the greenhouse but also in the open field
– Oxygenation of the soil and reinvigoration of the plant
Increased immune defense of the plant
No residue
Removal of infesting pests typical of the agricultural field (aphids, red spider mites, cochineal, etc.)

Thanks to OZOSPRAY and its spray of ozonated water in agriculture, Ozone can be easily applied in the vineyard and on other crops affected by soil, root or leaf rot.

In short, OZOSPRAY is a small system that does something big: converting simple water into a powerful natural sanitizing product that leaves no residue. With the new technology, OZOSPRAY becomes a compact, comfortable and extremely versatile system, which can be used in many applications throughout the agri-food sector.

For more information on the new OZOSPRAY battery-powered backpack sprayer for our Ozone solutions in agriculture, do not hesitate to contact our offices on 0584/361274 or by email at


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