Ozonated water: what it is and what it is used for

Ozonated water: what it is and what it is used for

What is ozonated water?

We have learned about Ozone, a natural gas which, thanks to its oxidizing power, is an energetic sanitizer and deodorant. But what is ozonated water?

Ozonated water is nothing more than water with Ozone or rather cold fresh water added with Ozone. These two elements (water and Ozone) are mixed appropriately and, at the end of this process, the water becomes the carrier of Ozone, thus the sanitizing treatment.

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What is the difference between ozonated water, ozonized water and aqueous Ozone?

None! They are all terms that indicate the same product: water mixed with Ozone.

The term ozonated water is the most commonly used and most correct term compared to ozonized water or “acqueous Ozone”. The latter could mislead and make people think that there is a liquid form of Ozone when in reality the only form of Ozone is the gaseous one.

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Where can you buy ozonated water?

Another question that we are often asked in addition to “where do you buy Ozone tanks?” is “where can you buy ozonated water?”. As with gaseous Ozone which, due to its instability, cannot be stored in tanks (like other gases such as Oxygen and Nitrogen), also ozonated water is not a stable product and cannot be stored in bottles or containers.

For this reason, the correct question is not “where can you buy ozonated water?” but “how is ozonated water produced?”. To produce ozonized water you need to mix water and Ozone. The methods are different but the most used are porous stones, Venturi injectors and special chemical pumps. In recent years, other techniques for the production of ozonated water are also making their way: these techniques are based on chemical principles rather than on the mechanical mixing of water with Ozone.

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Ozonated water benefits

Many of the benefits of ozonized water are similar to those of gaseous Ozone:

  • Ozonated water is a natural product
  • Ozone in water does not leave harmful residues but, once its action is finished, it converts back into Oxygen
  • Ozonated water is produced on site and it is not necessary to purchase or store refills

As we will see in the following paragraphs, ozonated water has a series of its own prerogatives and advantages which make it, depending on the application, more convenient and more effective to use compared to gaseous Ozone: for instance, the treatment of crops in agriculture. Ozone would have no place in this particular application while ozonized water is successfully applied.

As previously mentioned, in the case of ozonated water, the water becomes the vehicle for the Ozone and the sanitizing treatment. Therefore, treatment can be directed more effectively whereas, in some applications, gaseous Ozone is more difficult to control.

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Where is ozonated water used?

In the same way as gaseous Ozone, the applications of ozonated water are endless. We will limit ourselves to listing some of the most famous and most effective applications including:

  • Sanitization of surfaces – ozonated water can be sprayed on surfaces of various types for normal sanitization procedures. This practice is widely used in the food industry (e.g. food processing rooms, cold rooms, etc.) but also in other contexts such as gyms, changing rooms, swimming pools, healthcare environments and so on.
  • Agricultural treatments on crops – in recent years ozonated water has increasingly become a valid alternative to chemical products in agriculture both for its high effectiveness and for its compatibility with the organic and zero residue supply chain. In this case, ozonized water is used to solve problems related to fungal diseases and leaf/root rot such as powdery mildew and downy mildew. This mixture of water with Ozone is mainly used as a preventative measure for the removal of red spider mites, aphids, scale insects and other types of insects and pests.
  • Washing fruit and vegetables in the post-harvest phases – washing fruit and vegetables with ozonated water, rather than with plain water, first of all guarantees washing with disinfected water (and not a vehicle for contamination such as bacteria and fungal spores) and secondly it guarantees better preservation of the product during the following storage phases as well as the extension of the products shelf-life.
  • Sanitization of Clean-In-Place systems – ozonated water is recirculated in Clean-In-Place systems for the deep sanitization of the internal surfaces of pipes and ducts.
  • Sanitization of clothes during washing – Ozone mixed with water is also used to sanitize clothes inside industrial washing machines.
  • Personal and veterinary care – ozonated water is finally used for many treatments in dentistry or topically to resolve certain skin and hair pathologies not only for people but also for animals. Even if Protea does not deal with the applications of Ozone and ozonated water in the medical field, you should know that ozonated water can be drunk: in some cases, doctors prescribe patients to take ozonized water to drink especially in relation to problems of the gastroesophageal tract (e.g. acidity, reflux, gastritis).

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