Protea and Markonis celebrate the first 5 years of collaboration

Protea and Markonis celebrate the first 5 years of collaboration

This year Protea celebrates 5 years of collaboration with the Serbian company Markonis in the ambulance field for the Balkan area.

Markonis is a renowned company based in Niš in Serbia specialized in the production and fitting of ambulances and special vehicles. With a long history of over 30 years, Markonis has established itself in the ambulance field as a reliable, experienced and constantly growing manufacturer. The company operates in a large production site of 1,500 square meters, ensuring efficient production processes and high quality results.

Over the past two decades, Markonis has proudly manufactured and delivered over 2000 vehicles, showcasing their commitment to providing reliable and customized solutions for emergency medical services and other specialized purposes. Their extensive experience and dedication to meeting customer requirements have earned them a reputation for excellence within the field.

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Markonis’ continuous commitment to innovation and new technologies brought them to meet Protea. Among the various technical solutions proposed by Protea for the field, Markonis has shown particular interest in SANIOZON 500 model to be installed on board ambulances. SANIOZON 500 system is a powerful sanitizer with small dimensions and characterized by simple installation and use: the system guarantees rapid and completely safe sanitation of the sanitary compartment of the ambulance, without the need for refills or spare parts. For these and other qualities, Markonis has chosen to integrate SANIOZON 500 system on board its vehicles and today there are hundreds of installations including ambulances, special vehicles and other emergency vehicles.

Protea is proud to collaborate with a company like Markonis which continues to contribute significantly to the production of ambulances and special vehicles, both nationally and internationally.

For more information on SANIOZON 500 system, we invite you to visit the dedicated website of the ozonizer by clicking here or you can contact our offices on 0584/361274 or by filling out the contact form.


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