Hotel Sanitation with Ozone

Hotel Sanitation with Ozone

Hotel Sanitization with Ozone

In recent years, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic, simply cleaning the room and living spaces is no longer sufficient for tourists. For this reason, hotels and accommodation facilities have undertaken to offer, in addition to the standard cleaning service, also a specific hotel sanitization treatment. Some facilities have decided to turn to cleaning companies that are also able to offer hotel room sanitization; others, on the other hand, have preferred to adopt professional systems such as ozonizers to take care of the sanitation of hotel rooms.

Why is sanitation important in hotels?

Tourism in Italy represents about 13% of GDP and is therefore a sector that must keep up with the times and deserves to be suitably strengthened and valued. The sanitization of hotel rooms but more generally of hospitality environments is a very important service in order to guarantee guests a pleasant stay in a healthy and safe place. In the period of the pandemic, a fear of travel and, consequently, of staying overnight in structures other than one’s private home has grown. The hospitality sector has therefore had to deal not only with the forced closure of the structures due to the lockdowns and the restrictions imposed, but also with this new fear of guests towards crowded places and with constant turnover of people.

To counter these fears and guarantee customers greater safety from a health point of view, the accommodation facilities had to adopt new sanitization procedures to complement the regular cleaning services. Let me be clear, cleaning represents the first important step that cannot be completely replaced by sanitization. Cleaning and sanitizing are two necessary and complementary services. Cleaning is the operation that allows you to remove dirt and most of the microorganisms mechanically. Sanitization is a final treatment, following cleaning, to specifically break down the bacterial and viral load on surfaces and in environments.

Many hotels also have a restaurant, spa area, swimming pool, gym and fitness rooms. All these environments must necessarily undergo regular sanitization as well as cleaning both to prevent infections from viruses and bacteria, and (and we are referring in particular to areas where food is administered) to reduce the dangers of bacterial contamination and of food poisoning.

What are the hotel sanitization procedures?

Hotel sanitization involves several steps. The main operations to sanitize hotels can be summarized in:

  • Frequently sanitize surfaces paying particular attention to the contact surfaces. Next, focus on counters, keypads, elevator buttons, handrails, doorknobs, switches, flush toilets, faucets, etc.
  • Regularly sanitize upholstery and furnishings i.e. carpets, rugs, curtains, etc. Change waste bin bags frequently and sanitize the surfaces.
  • Regularly sanitize the air in the rooms and promote air changes.

These procedures listed above can be completed in different ways and with different technologies. Protea believes that these routine operations for hotel sanitization can be carried out with considerable advantages through the use of its ozonizers.

What are the advantages of sanitizing hotels with Ozone?

There are many advantages deriving from the use of Ozone for sanitizing hotel rooms and, more generally, for hotel sanitization.

  • Rapidity and effectiveness. The action of Ozone is rapid and very effective on a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. The hotel often has very limited time and sometimes, especially in the high season, there is no material time to complete the more complex procedures. For this reason, Ozone represents the best alternative when it is necessary to guarantee an excellent result in a short time.
  • Deep sanitization. Being a gas, Ozone manages to reach even the most remote points of the room to be treated. Mechanical cleaning is undoubtedly a more than effective technique; however, it is difficult to reach all areas perfectly while with Ozone this is possible by guaranteeing even higher sanitization standards. Again, thanks to its gaseous form, Ozone ensures deep sanitization of the ambient air by oxidizing suspended microorganisms as well as fungal spores and odors.
  • Ozone is one of the strongest deodorants we have available and its effectiveness is unparalleled – the oxidizing action of Ozone allows the odorous molecules to be effectively removed instead of covering them as the majority of deodorant products on the market based on fragrances and chemical products do.
  • No residues and no refills. Ozone is created by converting the Oxygen present in the air into Ozone via electricity: no consumables are required to be stored, disposed of or handled appropriately. Furthermore, Ozone quickly converts back into Oxygen following the sanitizing treatment without releasing harmful by-products into the environment.

LAB5 L: hotel ozonizer and more

Thanks to its long experience in the ozonation sector, Protea launched in 2018 (well before the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 virus!) its own professional portable ozonizer, designed and manufactured in Italy: LAB5 L.

The LAB5 L system has been designed for the deep sanitization of all those environments that require high levels of hygiene such as hotel rooms, common areas, bathrooms, B&Bs, but also processing and packaging rooms in the food industry, waiting rooms, clinics and medical offices. LAB5 L is therefore a hotel ozonizer for the hospitality sector, but not only.

Sanitizing hotel rooms using the Protea LAB5 L ozonizing system is extremely convenient and quick:

  • The controls are simple and intuitive to allow any operator to complete the procedure without problems and in complete safety.
  • The procedure is extremely rapid and the times required depend on the volume of the room (max 60 minutes for a room of 350 cubic meters).
  • The system is handy, light and compact to allow easy portability.
  • The system does not require particular maintenance or spare parts and/or refills – the components have been specially selected by Protea with a long-life generator and resistant to high humidity levels.

For more information on the LAB5 L hotel ozonizer and for the other solutions proposed by Protea for the hotel and restaurant sector, contact our offices on 0584/361274 or by filling out the contact form.


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