Ozone System for Castelmagno Cheese Ripening Rooms

Ozone System for Castelmagno Cheese Ripening Rooms

For a long time, Ozone (O₃) has been used in the Dairy Industry as a sanitizing and disinfecting agent with the approval of the Italian Ministry of Health. Abroad, this technique has been widely used for many years.

In dairies, Ozone finds incomparable effectiveness in several applications among which it is appropriate to include:

  • Abatement of mites, parasites, moulds and small insects (whose proliferation is favoured by the environmental humidity) within the cheese ripening rooms.
  • Elimination of ammonium smell and its consequent transmission to the cheese wheels (improvement of the cheese quality).
  • Control of the air quality and of the transmission of bacteria, viruses and spores within workplaces and cheese processing/packaging rooms.
  • Sanification of surfaces and tools even for those places which are hardly reachable with standard methods of cleaning (saving money both in terms of water used and of chemical products).

A prestigious producer of Castelmagno cheese decided to use Protea’s Ozone system in its Dairy, considerably improving the quality of the environments and of the cheese stored in the ripening rooms. All this without the use of chemicals, fully falling within the Biological Process.

Protea’s CUSTOM CELL line of systems has been designed and realized specifically for the treatment of cold storage rooms and ripening rooms. The system is realized ad-hoc on the basis of the technical characteristics of the rooms to be treated, of the goals to be achieved and of the Customer’s requests.


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