PURITAS EOG: new line of Ozone generators by Protea for the production of ozonated water

PURITAS EOG: new line of Ozone generators by Protea for the production of ozonated water

PURITAS EOG: the new technology for the production of ozonated water even for agriculture

Protea expands its range of systems for the production of ozonated water with a new line of ozonizers: PURITAS EOG. The systems of the PURITAS EOG line are equipped with Ozone generators characterized by a new technology to enrich the water with Ozone.

In particular, PURITAS EOG ozonizers aer equipped with “immersion-type” ozone generators which guarantee a series of incredible advantages in the ozonated water production process, including:

  • Higher concentrations of Ozone in water;
  • Greater durability and fixing of Ozone in water;
  • Less maintenance;
  • Longer life of the system;
  • Greater ease of use;
  • Greater compatibility with particular applications such as Ozone in agriculture.

As with the other ozonizers in the Protea range, PURITAS EOG can also be customized with a series of extras to best meet the customer’s needs. In addition to the size of the ozone generator, which varies according to the amount of water to be treated, it is possible to intervene on the structural configuration, aesthetics, operating logic, etc.


Here are some examples of ozonators from the PURITAS EOG line.

PURITAS EOG (standard) is an installation water ozonator for the production of ozonated water (also known as liquid ozone) in tanks up to 100 liters in volume.

PURITAS EOG PLUS is a professional ozonator for enriching water with Ozone in tanks up to 1,000 liters in volume. In this case, the system has been configured as a portable ozonator.


The topic of Ozone in agriculture is arousing more and more interest since ozonated water (or liquid ozone) is a natural, organic product, effective against fungal spores, molds, bacteria and, if applied correctly, acts as a pesticide. Furthermore, it seems that microorganisms are unable to develop resistance to ozone or ozonated water, making this solution highly attractive for the foreseeable future.

If you are interested in receiving more information on the PURITAS EOG ozonating system, on other Protea ozonizers or on Ozone in agriculture, do not hesitate to contact our offices at 0584/361274 or by email at info@proteasrl.com.


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