Fan coil treatment with Ozone: sanitized air on board the whole yacht

Fan coil treatment with Ozone: sanitized air on board the whole yacht

Fan coil treatment with Ozone: sanitized air on board the whole yacht

Fan coils on board ships and pleasure yachts have the task of filtering and heating/cooling the ambient air. If there are odors or pollutants in the ambient air, these elements are not eliminated in any way by the fan coil since the filter is only able to stop coarse dust. The fan coil is a fundamental device for life on board but, unfortunately, it does not have an integrated system for sanitizing and deodorising the air which is simply recirculated without special treatments.


What are the conventional solutions for sanitizing fan coils?

Currently, there are no real systems for sanitizing the internal ducts of the fan coils or aimed at sanitizing the air by means of the on-board fan coils. When stale air or bad smells are perceived inside the yacht cabins, it is common practice to intervene with fragrances or deodorant products. However, the use of these products does not solve the problem but simply stems or hides it. In addition, fragrances or deodorants act only on the smell and do not sanitize the air in any way (which is constantly recirculated by means of the fan coil).

What is the solution offered by Protea for sanitizing fan coils?

Protea has chosen to solve this problem by means of the combined action of Ozone and negative ions which are produced by small ozonizers designed for the treatment of fan coils: DINAMICO3. The DINAMICO3 system is simply installed near the fan coil intake and turns on as soon as the fan coil ventilation is active. Ozone, as a sanitizing agent, deals with the reduction of bacteria, viruses, odors, molds, fungal spores present in the ambient air. Negative ions, on the other hand, have the task of attracting particles suspended in the air (dust, allergens, etc.) and create larger agglomerates which are more effectively retained by the fan coil filter. Basically, there is a combined action: on the one hand the air is filtered more effectively thanks to the negative ions and on the other hand the air is sanitized thanks to Ozone gas.

What are the advantages of Protea ozonating systems compared to conventional solutions?

A fragrance or a deodorant product is hardly comparable to an ion-ozonating system such as DINAMICO3: the two solutions are completely different and the benefits associated with the use of Protea ozonizers for fan coils are evident.

  • No recharges. Ozone and negative ions are produced by DINAMICO3 systems only by means of electricity. There is therefore no need to buy refills and consumables as the treatment will be carried out automatically and with extremely low energy consumption (we are talking about few watts!).
  • Simple installation. DINAMICO3 systems are installed above the fan coil intake grid and connected to the fan coil power supply.
  • No maintenance. DINAMICO3 systems have been designed in such a way that they do not require any maintenance. Plus, the life of their generators exceeds 10,000 hours of operation!
  • Air sanitation. Fragrances and deodorants do not sanitize the air in any way. DINAMICO3 systems sanitize the recirculated air of the fan coil by means of Ozone and negative ions.
  • Effective odor removal. Ozone acts on odor molecules by means of an oxidative process. Odors are therefore not covered or masked but effectively eliminated.
  • Greater efficiency of the fan coil. Installing the DINAMICO3 system on a fan coil also means ensuring greater effectiveness of the fan coil itself. Ozone sanitizes the internal ducts of the fan coil while the negative ions increase the filtering action of the filter avoiding recirculation in the cabin of airborne particles or other pollutants.
  • Better air quality. Last but not least, more and more studies are attesting to the beneficial effect that negative ions have not only on ambient air but also on our own body. When we have the feeling that the air is “stale” (read also the article on the so-called Sick Building Syndrome) and we feel the need to open the windows, our body is actually perceiving a lack of negative ions: by opening the window and letting in outside air, negative ions are hence reintroduced into the environment. As a matter of fact, large quantities of negative ions are found on the seashore, in the high mountains or near waterfalls.

DINAMICO3 ozonator line: sanitized air and well-being on board yachts

The fan coil is an essential element on board yachts and can now be found on all types of boats, from small motor yachts to mega yachts and giga yachts. Protea has been designed and created a unique solution which, by means of a real symbiosis with the fan coil, is able to increase its effectiveness as well as add extremely important treatments such as the sanitization and the deodorization of the recirculated air. Installing Protea’s DINAMICO3 systems on the fan coils of your boat means enjoying healthier and better-quality air.




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