Ozone System for Horticulture

Ozone System for Horticulture

Ozonated water has long been used abroad in greenhouses, out-of-ground and in open field cultivations and, by now, it is increasingly used even in Italy given the excellent results obtained without using chemical products.

Some applications of ozonated water are reported here below:

  • Irrigation for the elimination of bacteria and micro-organisms which damage the plant from its germination stage and the removal of moulds, root rot and fungi;;
  • Greenhouse spraying for the elimination and reduction of insects and pests;
    Pre-treatment of soils to sterilize the soil before sowing;
  • Immersion of pots of soil in ozonated water for the disinfection of cuttings;
  • Treatment of water used for irrigation in order to eliminate algae, heavy metals such as iron and manganese and related bacteria (eg ironbacteria, manganobacteria, etc.) present in artificial basins and inside the pipes – all aimed at the maximum water reuse;
  • Washing of fruit and vegetable products for sanitization and for prolonging their freshness and shelf-life in the subsequent post-harvest phases.

PURITAS 15000 PUMP is designed to produce ozonated water through a special chemical pump that mixes water and Ozone in real time: this mixing method is the most effective in terms of gas/liquid exchange.


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