Sanitation of drinking water and freshwater tank with Ozone

Sanitation of drinking water and freshwater tank with Ozone

Treatment of freshwater with Ozone on board yachts

Sinks, faucets and showers: on board the yacht, where the quantity of drinking water is limited, the management of freshwater is extremely important. Similarly, maintenance of the on-board water system and the freshwater tank is essential in order to ensure absolute healthiness of the water. To prevent the formation of algae and bacterial colonies (e.g. Legionella) in the freshwater on board, it is necessary to keep the tank where the water is stored and the relative pipes in good condition: this can be done through the use of chemical products or through a natural product that offers numerous advantages over conventional methods, namely Ozone.

What are the conventional solutions for the sanitation of freshwater on board the yacht?

One of the most common problems related to freshwater stored in the tank is undoubtedly the formation of algae inside it. The best practice to remedy the formation of algae would be to avoid prolonged stagnation and instead encourage frequent recirculation and renewal of water. This is not always possible and if it is not done in a short time a vegetative biofilm tends to form on the surfaces of the water tank. When the algae are already present, we usually use chemical disinfection and boat cleaning products.

Every 2/3 times a year, the tank should be completely emptied and cleaned. For the abatement of algae and the sanitization of drinking water tanks, products based on sodium hypochlorite such as bleach or amuchina are mostly used. On the other hand, if the water tank cannot be emptied, there are effervescent tablets or other similar chlorine-based products: once the treatment has been carried out, the mixture is made to flow along the line for sanitizing drinking water pipes. Both disinfecting the water tank with amuchina and sanitizing water therefore require the use of chemicals that are highly harmful to operators, end users of the water and the environment.

What is the solution offered by Protea for the sanitation of freshwater on board the yacht?

Protea has always been convinced that the most convenient, effective and eco-friendly method for sanitizing freshwater in tank is Ozone: this is the reason why Protea has created a range of ozonizers for drinking water sanitation. Protea Ozone generators for potable water treatment are part of the PURITAS line and are sized according to the volume of the water tank to be treated. The water sanitation treatment offered by PURITAS system is constant as a cyclical injection of Ozone into the water is guaranteed: in this way the water and the pipes are kept sanitized and the formation of algae, biofilm and fouling inside the freshwater tank is avoided. Consequently, even maintenance interventions can be carried out less frequently!

In the next paragraph, the advantages deriving from the use of Ozone and PURITAS ozonator for water will be explored in more detail.


What are the advantages of Protea ozonators compared to conventional solutions?

PURITAS represents the line of ozonating systems offered by Protea ozonizers for water treatment with Ozone and for sanitizing freshwater tanks with Ozone. The regular water sanitization with Ozone by PURITAS system guarantees a series of indisputable advantages compared to commonly used chemicals:

  • No recharges. Ozone is produced by PURITAS system only by means of electricity (low consumption). There is therefore no need to purchase refills and consumables as the treatment will be carried out automatically by generating the Ozone thanks to the air present in the environment.
  • Free installation. The systems can be positioned up to about ten meters away from the Ozone injection point, so as to allow their placement based on the spaces available on board. Not only new boats, therefore, but also already sailing yachts, charter yachts and motor yachts in refit. A single PURITAS system can treat even more tanks, with consequent economic savings and technical simplifications for the Shipyard and for the Customer.
  • No particular maintenance. The PURITAS system does not need maintenance but only some simple periodic checks as a good rule for any electrical device. The economic savings are therefore significant considering the onerous cost of maintenance and nautical cleaning of the freshwater tank as well as the purchase, storage and disposal of disinfectant and boat cleaning chemicals.
  • Tank sanitation. In addition to sanitizing the water with Ozone, the treatment guarantees a deep sanitization of the surfaces of the freshwater tank. For this reason, biofilm formation or fouling does not occur.
  • Sanitation of pipes and safe water. Pipes also benefit from the Ozone water treatment: residual Ozone ensures sanitizing of drinking water pipes from the tank to the faucets, thus avoiding the possible appearance of serious problems such as Legionella.
  • No residues. Following its action, Ozone quickly converts back into Oxygen without releasing by-products or harmful chemical residues or unpleasant tastes to the water (as opposed to Chlorine). PURITAS therefore allows you to enjoy safe and superior quality water on board the yacht, without problems for users or for the environment.

PURITAS ozonator line: sanitized freshwater tank and safe drinking water on board the yacht

To avoid the formation of algae and bacterial colonies inside the freshwater tank, it is necessary to ensure that the drinking water does not stagnate for long periods, to favor the frequent renewal of the water and to properly clean the tank several times a year. All this can be solved in a much simpler way with the installation of the PURITAS ozonating system with Protea ozonizers which, automatically and continuously, guarantees a complete Ozone water treatment and definitively avoids the formation of algae, bacteria, fouling, molds and the like. Protea ozonators also adequately size the PURITAS system based on the capacity of the fresh water tank, making it possible to install it in any situation: from small boats to larger motor yachts or mega yachts.

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