Sanitization and smell removal in the bilge with Ozone

Sanitization and smell removal in the bilge with Ozone

Sanitization and smell removal in the bilge with Ozone

The bilge is the lowest part of the hull of a boat where the various drains and water infiltrations are collected (sea water, diesel oil, black and gray water residues, condensation liquid from air conditioners, etc.). Wikipedia says: “Due to its function, the bilge usually gives off an unpleasant odor, and the poor ventilation due to its position in the ship and the accumulation of moisture sometimes cause a smell so unbearable that it requires Ozone disinfection.” Therefore, it is practically taken for granted that the bilge by its nature involves an odor problem which cannot be solved except with periodic extraordinary interventions: in reality, the odor situation in the bilge can be constantly controlled thanks to Ozone.

What are the conventional solutions for the treatment of smells in the bilge?

As anticipated, the problem of odors in the bilge occurs on almost all yachts and especially on yachts under 24 meters. A popular technique for cleaning the bilge is to flood it with a foamy wash. However, this procedure, in addition to not being able to wash the surfaces thoroughly enough to remove the odors present, can even worsen the situation (especially if there are residues of fuel or lubricant in the bilge): the foamy wash, in fact, can spread these residues also in other areas of the bilge where they were not present before!

Therefore, the most recommended method remains the manual cleaning of all areas of the bilge, often with chemical disinfectants to try to obtain a better result. This operation is certainly valid but far from simple, and it is above all for this reason that it is carried out very rarely, causing a rapid increase in problems.

What is the solution offered by Protea for the treatment of smells in the bilge?

The bilge is an area that is heavily affected by humidity problems; the first step is therefore to keep the bilge as dry as possible: repair any cracks from which the water could filter and check that there are no leaks of liquids (e.g. a pipe or fitting) or dripping from the refrigeration system or conditioning. However, since the bilge is an space where it is almost impossible to have a proper change of air, even the slightest smell increases and spreads rapidly.

Protea claims that this situation can be definitively resolved by installing specific bilge ozonizers. Protea has in fact studied a line of ozone generators (PROSENT) which are suitably calibrated according to the volume of the bilge and keep the bilge sanitized and free of odors.

What are the advantages of Protea ozonators compared to conventional solutions?

Also for the treatment of odors in the bilge, Protea has created fully automatic ozonizers that do not need maintenance or refills. Thanks to PROSENT, in fact, bilge cleaning operations can be carried out much less frequently. Here are the advantages of the PROSENT line of ozonators:

  • No recharges. Ozone is produced by PROSENT system only by means of electricity (low consumption). There is therefore no need to purchase recharges nor consumables as the treatment will be carried out automatically by generating the Ozone thanks to the air present in the bilge.
  • Simple installation. PROSENT systems are small and compact and can be divided according to the volume and configuration of the bilge. They only need electricity and can be installed on board new yachts, already sailing yachts, charter yachts and motor yachts in refit. Providing PROSENT ozonating systems on board a new yacht allows you to effectively maintain the value of the boat over time.
  • No maintenance. The systems of the PROSENT line do not require maintenance but only a few simple periodic checks as a good rule for any electrical device. Thanks to PROSENT systems, you will no longer have the hassle of bad smells in the bilge and you will enjoy a significant reduction in costs due to bilge cleaning operations and the purchase of detergents and disinfectants.
  • Air sanitation. In addition to the problem of bad smells and stinks in the bilge, we remind that the Ozone produced by PROSENT ozonizer will keep the area deeply sanitized. This means the killing of bacteria, algae, mold, fungal spores and other possible pollutants present.
  • Effective smell removal. The action of Ozone against odor molecules is powerful and quick. No other product can actually remove odors like Ozone. Ozone, being a gas, is able to reach all areas of the bilge, even the most hidden ones, for maximum effectiveness and unparalleled results.

PROSENT ozonators line: sanitized and odor-free bilge on board yachts

Identifying the cause of one or more smells in the bilge remains a fundamental practice as it can be a symptom of more serious problems on board (think for example of a diesel leak). However, while keeping the bilge dry and in good condition, it is very difficult to definitively solve the problem of bad odors due to the almost absent ventilation and the inaccessibility of some areas of the bilge to carry out maintenance and cleaning operations. PROSENT, in a simple and non-invasive way, guarantees automatically a sanitized and odor-free bilge on board the yacht. Protea ozonators also adequately size PROSENT system according to the size of the bilge, making it possible to install it in any situation: from small boats to larger motor yachts or mega yachts.

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