Yacht Disinfection Treatment with Ozone

Yacht Disinfection Treatment with Ozone

Having healthy and sanitized environments on a boat is of fundamental importance and is, indeed, the basis of true comfort. It is useless to have fashionable furniture, precious fabrics and materials if, for example, every space is pervaded by unpleasant smells or fresh water has a “strange” taste! But what are the causes of this kind of problems? Ordinary daily usage of the boat: the discomforts may be due to the air vents of black/gray water tanks, the stagnation of liquids in the bilge, the refrigerators full of fish, etc.

Furthermore, in all modern yachts, air recirculation takes place mainly through the conditioning system. This means that viruses, moulds, bacteria and smells remain in the rooms and proliferate inside the piping and in areas difficult to reach during ordinary cleaning, or impregnate carpets, upholstery and curtains.

What is Protea’s answer to the problems listed above? Disinfection with Ozone. It is a simple and effective solution that allows obtaining excellent results in a very short time. Ozone, in addition to having a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action reduces the present odors, in many cases definitively with a single treatment. In fact, this gas has been used for many years for high-level disinfection of ambulances, clinics, trains, cars, etc. with outstanding results, not obtainable with other disinfectants.


After a preliminary analysis of the characteristics of the boat and the problems observed, Protea’s staff carries out the disinfection with its professional ozonizers. The treatment involves the injection of Ozone at high concentrations within the affected areas for a time ranging from 20 to 60 minutes depending on the volume. Following the treatment, it will be sufficient to ventilate the rooms and do not stay inside the yacht for about an hour. In the case of persistent odours, it may be necessary to repeat the ozonation cycle or to increase the exposure times.

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