New OZOSPRAY 2021: the power of Ozone in agriculture

New OZOSPRAY 2021: the power of Ozone in agriculture

As usual, Protea offers periodic upgrades on its systems based on new experiments carried out with Ozone in agriculture as well as the evolution of the electronics and mechanics sector. After a long period of tests and improvements, Protea is pleased to announce the new OZOSPRAY model with the latest generation technology for ozonated water production.

The new technology used by Protea for this ozonated water nebulizer in agriculture is able to guarantee a series of important advantages compared to the methods used so far:

  • Higher Ozone concentration in water – while previous technologies cannot guarantee the achievement of high concentrations of Ozone, the new technology integrated on OZOSPRAY allows it with consequent improvements in the effectiveness against molds, fungi, parasites, insects, butterflies, aphids , spiders, etc.
  • Longer duration of ozonated water – the new technology integrated on OZOSPRAY for the nebulization of ozonated water in the agricultural field allows for better mixing of water and Ozone and therefore to maintain the right concentrations for a longer time.
  • More compact system – the new technology used by Protea has made it possible to create a new OZOSPRAY system that is more compact and with fewer moving parts for an extra-comfortable application of Ozone in agriculture.
  • More resistant system – the new OZOSPRAY configuration has made it possible to create a more robust system capable of perfectly resisting in agriculture (both in greenhouses and in open fields). In addition, the system is equipped with minimal and simple maintenance which makes it perfect for applying Ozone in agriculture, for sanitizing the soil, etc.

We remind that ozonated water is different from other products such as hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid or organic ozonated oil: in fact, if used appropriately at the right concentrations and in the correct ways, it is characterized by greater efficacy and is therefore considered one of the products of the future in the agricultural sector.

In fact, the high oxidizing power of ozonated water allows you to benefit from a series of non-transferable advantages:

Drastic reduction of fungal diseases thanks to Ozone (downy mildew and powdery mildew for example)
Soil sanitation
– Possibility of applying Ozone in the greenhouse but also in the open field
– Oxygenation of the soil, i.e. invigoration of the plant and greater resistance of the plant against external attacks
Increase of the plant’s immune defense
No residues
Removal of pests from the agricultural sector (aphids, spider mites, cochineals, etc.)

Thanks to OZOSPRAY and its ozonated water spray, Ozone can be applied in a simple way in the vineyard and on other crops that are affected by soil, root or foliar rot.
OZOSPRAY is convenient for spraying ozonated water in agriculture on small plots of land but can also be used for other applications where sanitation is required: among the possible ones, there is certainly the food industry. In this case, OZOSPRAY can be used for the natural sanitization of worktops, surfaces, walls, containers, boxes for fruit and vegetables, etc.

In short, OZOSPRAY is a small system that does something big: converting simple water into a powerful natural sanitizing product that leaves no residue. With the new technology, OZOSPRAY becomes a compact, comfortable and extremely versatile system, which can be used in many applications in the entire agri-food sector.

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