O3BC – Ozonizer for Blast Chillers

O3BC – Ozonizer for Blast Chillers

Ozone for blast chillers and small cold rooms.

Protea O3BC ozonating system is 10 years old for the sanitization of blast chillers and refrigerated cabinets or small cold rooms. O3BC ozonator for blast chillers is one of the most popular products in the Protea range due to its compact design, its ease of use and its effectiveness.

The blast chiller is a tool that requires frequent cleaning followed by a sanitizing cycle in order to avoid bacterial proliferation and cross-contamination between foods. O3BC allows you to carry out short and extremely effective sanitizing cycles without releasing any chemical residues and without altering the organoleptic characteristics of the products.

Equipping the blast chiller or refrigerated cabinet with O3BC ozonator is synonymous with profound hygiene and safety in terms of cross-contamination. O3BC mini ozonator, in fact, through rapid cycles is able to ensure complete sanitization of the refrigerated compartment of the blast chiller, eliminating any form of bacteria, contaminants or smells.

O3BC ozonator is installed inside the technical compartment of the blast chiller and, once the sanitization cycle has started, the Ozone produced by the Ozone generator is sent via flexible ozone-resistant tubing into the abatement cell. The sanitation cycle generally lasts a few minutes and varies according to the volume of the blast chiller or refrigerator cabinet.

The advantages offered by O3BC ozonator for blast chillers are many, including:

  • Deep sanitation is guaranteed (Ozone is one of the most powerful sanitizers we have available) and in line with the hygiene standards imposed by H.A.C.C.P regulations;
  • Even the less accessible points are sanitized (Ozone being gaseous reaches every area);
  • No chemical residues are released since Ozone, once the sanitization has been carried out, is naturally converted back into Oxygen;
  • There is no need for refills or spare parts – Ozone is produced thanks to electricity (low consumption) and Oxygen present in the air. In addition, the generator has a life of several thousand hours of operation.

If you wish to receive more information on O3BC ozonating system for blast chillers or on our other Ozone solutions for refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms, do not hesitate to contact our offices at 0584/361274 or by email at info@proteasrl.com


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